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The Lion of Nemea

The first labor of Heracles: Killing the Lion of Nemea

As a first labor, Heracles was asked to kill a huge lion that was dwelling in Nemea, in the southwest of Corinth, and mangled persons and animals, terrorizing the population of the region. The lion was trained up by Hera and had a skin that was impervious even to iron weapons.

When Heracles met the Lion of Nemea, he attempted to use his arc, but the arrows were incapable to kill the lion so Heracles had to use his club and followed him in a cavern with two entrances.

Heracles covered one entrance with stones and entered from the other in order to find the lion. Without using his club, he grapped the lion from the neck, twirled him and with the immense force of his hands he choked it to death.

Next, Heracles delivered the lion to Eurystheas and out of its skin he made a suit of armour. In order to memorize his labor, Heracles inaugurated the Nemeian Games to praise Zeus, the King of the god .

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