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Aeginetarum Feriae

The Aeginetarum Feriae was a feast in honor of Poseidon, which lasted sixteen days. During the festival, the celebrants took their meal alone without the attendance of the slaves. The festival was a kind of memorial which kept its roots from the time of the Trojan War.

According to the legend, from all Aeginitians that participated in the Trojan war, most were killed in the fighting, while others perished at sea during their return. Only few  survived and returned to their homeland.Upon their arrival, their relatives  came down to the port to welcome the survivors. However,  when they saw other Aeginitians mourning over the loss of their own people, they did not consider it right to demonstrate their joy publicly. So they decided to celebrate the return of their survivors secretly in the privacy of their own homes.



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Festivals in honor of Poseidon

Aeginetarum Feriae

A feast in honor of Poseidon, which was held on the island of Aegina and lasted sixteen days

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