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Interesting Facts about Hera

trivia about hera Strange to say, Hera, besides being a mother, also embodied the eternal virginity, since she was anually renewing her virginity by bathing in the spring of Canathus in Nauplia(Peloponnes/southern Greece).
fun facts about hera Hera might have been an Olympian goddess, but her place on Mount Olympus was not always assured. For instance, once, Zeus suspended Hera from Mount Olympus for sending a storm against the hero Heracles while he was on his way home after capturing Troy.
wedding ringsAccording to the Roman poet Ovid, the month June has been named in Juno's honor, the latin counterpart to Hera, because the goddess was worshipped during that month. Since Hera was a goddess of matrimony, many couples considered June as the favourable time to marry.

meaning of name hera According to some beliefs, the name "Hera" derives from the ancient Greek word "Air", meaning "Wind", since Hera was also a deity the wind and the weather.