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Hades's representation Hades was the God and Ruler of the Underworld

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Family of Hades

Parents: Hades was a child of the Titans Cronus and Rhea.
Siblings: Hades had five siblings. Two younger brothers (Zeus, Poseidon), and three sisters (Hestia, Hera and Demeter).
Wife: Persephone, whom he abducted from his sister Demeter and took with him down to the Underworld.

Hades, the Ruler of the Underworld

Hades was the Greek god of the Dead and, according to Plato, [1] he should be considered as one of the Olympian gods. Hades was the supreme ruler of the Underworld. Almost never did he leave his gloomy kingdom but was residing there instead, surrounded by darkness and silence...
Hades' helper was Charos, the angel of dead. Charos had the duty to transfer the souls of the dead with a boat over the River Acheron from the world of the living to the world of the dead. Furthermore, Hades had a dog with three heads which was named Cerberus.

Appearance of Hades

Hades had gloomy features. He had a beard and dark hair falling over his brow [2].

Symbols of Hades

The sacred symbol of Hades was his helmet, which helped him stay invisible. His sacred animal was Cerberus, his own three-headed dog.

Hades means "invisible" in ancient Greek.

The Roman name of Hades is "Pluto"

Myths and Fables about Hades

The Share of the World
The Share of the World
Hades and Menthe
Hades and Menthe

Places of Worship related to Hades

Places of worship of Hades-River Styx
River Styx

Titles of Hades

Adamastos ("untamed") , Eubulos (" giv?ng good advice (euphemistically)") , Ifthimos ("mighty") , Polydectes ("acceptor of many") , Zagreus