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The Anthesteria was a three-day-festival celebrated in Athens, Greece. It was held by the time of year where the first flowers appeared. During this festival, sport competitions were held and the wine of the year was broached, followed by a drinking contest. Children over 3 years of age were given wine vessels (choas) decorated with related performances.


Titles of Dionysus

Agrionius ("fierce") , Aigobolos ("Goatslayer ") , Bacchus , Bromios ("noisy") , Charidotes ("giver of charm") , Philoinos ("Wine-Lover") , Philomousos ("Lover of the Muses") , Zoophoros ("Bringer of Life")

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Festivals in honor of Dionysus


A festival of the dead celebrated in the city of Argos.

Agrypnis (vigil)

a nocturnal festival in honor of Dionysus which was held annually at Arbela in Sicily


A flower festival celebrated in the city of Athens

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