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Festivals in honor of Artemis


A festival held every five years in honor of Artemis Brauronia, in the region Brauron of Attica


Titles of Artemis

Agrotera , Agrotera ("the huntress") , Ariste ("perfect") , Calliste ("fairest") , Caryatis ("of the walnut tree") , Cynthia ("of Mount Cynthus in Delos, Greece") , Daphnia ("of the laurel tree") , Elaphia , Ephesian ("from Ephesus") , Hymnia ("of the songs/hymns") , Kourotrophos ("upbringer of young children") , Kynigetis ("huntress") , Limnatis (resting beneath the lakes) , Lochia ("patron of pregnant women") , Potnia theron ("lover/mistress of the animals")

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