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According to researchers, the mysteries of Kinyrades took place every year in July. The festival was divided into three levels.

The first level lasted four days. The devout gave the priest a coin and the priest gave the devout salt which symbolized the origin of the goddess.

On the first day, the devout took part in sports competitions. On the second day he went to sea and bathed, while on the third he offered bloodless sacrifices to the goddess. On the night before the fourth day, the devout stayed awake in the sanctuary of the goddess and in the next morning he was declared an adept by the high priest of the Temple.

The second level lasted two or three days and referred to the myth of Aphrodite and Adonis. First, the devout lamented the death of Adonis over a deathbed adorned with flowers, chanting funeral hymns. Next, he celebrated the resurrection of the young god with dances and hymns.

The third level was dedicated to the perfection of the ceremony.



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Festivals in honor of Aphrodite


A spring festival in honor of Aphrodite celebrated mainly in the island of Cyprus


A summer festival in honor of Aphrodite celebrated in Paphos, Cyprus

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