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The Aphrodisia festival was celebrated in the island of Cyprus every spring and lasted three entire days. Thousands of people, not only from Cyprus but also from  other regions of the Mediterranean, gathered to celebrate the festival.
The celebrants surrendered to the joy and the pleasures of life, and the celebration was enriched with competitions and a torchlight procession.


Titles of Aphrodite

Anadyomene ("arising") , Cypria ("from Cyprus") , Cytherea ("from the Greek island of Cythera") , Genetyllis ("capable of reproduction") , Kallipygos ("of the beautiful buttocks") , Nomios ("of the flocks") , Urania ("heavenly")

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Festivals in honor of Aphrodite


A spring festival in honor of Aphrodite celebrated mainly in the island of Cyprus


A summer festival in honor of Aphrodite celebrated in Paphos, Cyprus

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