The beautiful Amazon Penthesilea, a daughter of Ares, the god of War, was a Queen of the Amazons. One day, she accidentally killed her sister during the hunt and was forced to leave her country. The Queen desperately tried to expiate her sins. Therefore, she offered help to the Trojans during the Trojan War, who were protected by the goddess Artemis, protector of hunters. This way, she was hoping that the goddess Artemis would forgive her. Towards the end of the Trojan war, Penthesilea confronted the Greek hero Achilles and tried to kill him wearing a mask. But Achilles easily destroyed her army and wounded the Amazon fatally. Shortly after, the hero went near to the Amazon and took off her mask. When he saw the beauty of her face, he fell in love with Penthesilea while she was dying in his arms. Heartbroken, Achilles gave her body to the Trojans and they buried her in the royal honors.