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Aeolos, the peaceful Ruler of the Winds in Greek mythology
Aeolus by Alexander Yevgenievich Yakovlev

Aeolos was a calm god but at the same time the most powerful of all Winds.
He was chosen by Zeus, the King of the gods, to also be the Winds' ruler. Aeolos had the power to both calm the winds and send them forth.
Many times he used his authority and his powers to close the winds inside a cave in order to bring peace on earth.

Aeolos lived peacefully with his wife, his six daughters and his six sons in a magnificent palace in Aeolia, nowadays known as "Stromboli" in Italy.

Still, the name "Aeolos" is a widely used name in Greece. Widely used, for instance, is the expression "the bags of Aeolos were opened" to indicate actions with consequences.

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