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The Love of Echo for Narcissus

Echo, the Nymph of Steady Reply in greek mythology
"Echo and Narcissus" by Nicolas Poussin (1594 - 1665)

Narcissus was an extraordinarily handsome, yet cold and vain young man from Boeotia, in central Greece. Narcissus didnít love anybody but himself and believed that he was the only one worth loving.

One day, while Narcissus was hunting stags, the Nymph Echo happened to sight him. Echo had been condemned by goddess Hera to never talk first, but only repeat the very last words of the others.

Spell-bound by the beauty of Narcissus, Echo hid herself inside the woods to watch the youth enchanted.
Suddenly, Narcissus sensed a noise and began shouting:

"Is anybody here?"

"There...", the Nymph responded.

"Then, come!", Narcissus invited the Nymph, but the only response he got was: "Come..."

Narcissus looked around but couldnít see anybody; so he continued calling the spirit, shouting: "Letís meet!"
"Let's meet...", Echo repeated, until suddenly she spread her arms and ran towards Narcissus to embrace him cordially.

However, Narcissus became very offended by this behavior and ran away full of anger. Sorrowfully, the Nymph hid herself inside the forest again and fossilized there.