Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

The Gift of the Muses to Mankind

The Muses, the goddesses of Art and Science, gave mankind a special kind of gift: the gift of talent and inspiration.

If the Muses favored a mortal, he was truly blessed! On his birth, they would pour delicate dew on his tongue so that gentle words could come out of his mouth. All nations would then hang on his lips, respect him and treat him like a god. Only his decisions would result to justice and put an end to hassles.

Furthermore, the Muses sympathized with anyone who was in mourning or falling into decay. In order to confort him, they would send a singer with a blessed, sweet voice to praise the glory of the gods and mortals. By listening to his heavenly voice, the sad one easily got over his sorrow and turn happy again.

The Muses and Hesiod

Once, the Muses blessed a shepherd named Hesiod with the gift of poetry, asking from him to rhapsodize the mankind's past and the future and to praise the Muses like no other deity. Hesiod became one of the most significant writers of Ancient Greece. Nevertheless, he always remembered to refer to the Muses in a very comprehensive way.



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