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The stadium of Ancient Delphi
The stadium of Ancient Delphi

The Pythian Games were musical contests held every four years at the site of Delphi

The first Pythian Games were held to commemorate Apollo, the Greek god of the music, who managed to kill the serpent Python that guarded Delphi and then built the first temple at that site.

In the beginning, Pythian Games were held every eight years, but soon the interval was reduced to four years. They started in the beginning of September and lasted from six to eight days. They were administrated by the Amphictiony of Delphi, which consisted of representatives of all the principal Greek states that supported the temple of Apollo.

In 582 BC, sporting contests were added to the program in order to stress out the harmony between body and mind.

The victor of the Pythian Games was crowned with a wreath of laurels, the symbol of Apollo.

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