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The Nemean Games were held every 2 years in the district of Nemea in Ancient Corinth to honor the King of the Gods, Zeus.

Founding of the Games

Lycurgus, the king of Nemea, once consulted the Delphic oracle on how his new-born son Opheltes would grow up to be strong and healthy. "Prevent the baby from touching the ground until he can walk", the oracle advised Lycurgus.

On his return to the palace, Lycurgus asked his servant Hypsipyle, formerly a queen and the wife of Jason, to work as the baby's nurse and gave her instructions on how to take good care of the baby. But one day, Hypsipyle disobeyed the king's instructions and put the baby down on a cradle of wild celery.

Suddenly, an enormous snake slithered up and gave Opheltes a fatal bite. After his death, the baby was named Archemorus (beginner of doom) and funerary games were held in the baby's honor. The Nemean Games developed out of these.

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