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Ancient Olympia, the Cradle of the Olympic Games

"As water is the most precious element
and as gold emerges as the most expensive among all the goods
and as, finally, the sun shines more than any other star...
so Olympia radiates, shading every other game"

The first Olympic Ode by Pindar

Ancient Olympia is an archaeological site of Peloponnese, in southern Greece. The district is surrounded by the Alphios river and the Kladeos river, which empties into the river Alphios.

The archaeological site of Ancient Olympia was discovered during excavations that began in 1829 and lasted for several decades.

According to tradition, the first participants of the Olympic games were the Greek gods themselves. Zeus defeated Cronus in a fight, Apollo outran Hermes and defeated Ares in boxing.

Zeus and the Olympic Games

Ancient Olympia was a sacred place to the ancient Greeks. There, they worshiped Zeus and held the Olympic Games in his honor. The Olympic Games dated back to 776 BC and were held every four years.

Also located in Olympia was the gold and ivory statue of Zeus, a piece of Art that was built around 432 BC by the great sculptor Phidias. The statue was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The sanctuary of Zeus was in Altis, a small grove that spread around the lush green hills of Olympia.

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